Sabtu, 23 Desember 2017


As i pulled the pure baby breaths, i looked over for the orange beauties. Eyes scanned through the heavy flow of people coming in the store. 'There they are.' i whispered . . . I plucked over one stalk of salmon-colored rose from the basket, but put it back where it belonged to search for a better efflorescence. When i found a beautiful rose with fresh petals, i brought it closer. It just came to my mind to take that color due to my mother's liking. 'How about this, van?' i asked my dear lil bro about my choice. Evan was standing behind me quietly that entire rose election of me. He wasn't giving me any talks but i needed his opinion. He just nodded as an approvement. I grinned and started to plucked furiously the poor salmon-rose but slowed down because rose is hella expensive. . . . We brought the wreaths to our old house. We were about to meet our love who spent time with our childhood age. She loved to pamper us with whatever she have. Although she doesn't have much, she would be more than willing to work harder and prepare to cherish us. We are so delightful to have her until now. This is why we wanted to celebrate this day well with her. . . . We kissed our grandma's cheeks as we waved our goodbyes. 'Bye yangti!' we shouted from a far 'We will visit you soon after christmas!' Smile creeped out of our cheeks that our will accomplished. Our mom passed away two years ago due to rare illness which have no medicine yet. Our hearts were broken for sure. But we agreed that we should please someone who need us, not mourn all day . . . She is brokenhearted too, like us. She missed us. And surely, she missed her too, like us. . . . Although we may had silent cry or a trickle of tear this day, we were satisfied we could fill our mother of mother's happiness. . . . Mothers' day is the day Day we smiled with our mother Though, even some had tear it better off to be grateful for what's left So Smile ! Albeit we must smile with our tears rolled on our cheeks . . . Happy mothers' day ! Happy mother of mother's day ! Make sure you pamper you angel of your life enough, before it's too late . . . . . . . . . -a.d.a./00.00/23.12.17 [for mommy hetty] p.s. *as much i hate to post it in eng, my mum once said tht she is so proudddd and happyyyy of my english writings. so here i am. tell me if i got mistakes. *the time i wrote this was similar to her death time whoa mom stop scaring me, ily ok? *p.s.p.s. anggita & evan loveee mommy hetty so much we cant measure it lol❤❤❤ happy mum's day, momma!!!!

Minggu, 29 Oktober 2017

My Eternal Angel

I miss you, . . . How are you today? Have you eaten? Aah.. you probably won't have to do those things again Dear angel, I wonder what are you doing now? Are you singing? Are you playing keyboard again just like in the past when my brother and i were too lazy to wake up on sunday morning? Are you playing violin? They have violins in there? Dear angel, Do you remember teaching me how to play violin? Man, i was freakin happy i could stroke those beautiful-sounded strings. I adore that instrument since i was young. I cried to you that i wanted to play violin so you did your best to learned it by yourself so you can teach me in your leisure time. Sorry, i just realized that the leisure time you used to teach me were your nap time. Dear angel, Do you remember that one song we practiced together? I already memorized it. Back then, you played the keyboard while i played the violin. I got so happy i could master one song with great arrangement. We promised to play it together on sunday morning at church. You promised me. We will played it in front of the church hall But I ended up sing it myself Not with you, But beside your stiff body. It's okay, i just got sad but i'm sure you must have a good reason behind it all. Ps. Dear you, You said you was happy when i write a blog in english version. You said you was proud. That brought a breeze to me. Sorry for my bad writings or grammar. I'm sorry too it took me 2 years to write this. But i thought about writing this everyday since you left me. Not sure what i'm afraid of. But i wanted to make you happy and proud again. Just like years ago when you found out about me writing a blog. Ps. Ps. I love you, my eternal angel;) Ps. Ps. Ps I also thought this nickname perfectly suits you a long long long time ago:) you used to be my angel, now, and forever<3 00.46 Oct 29th 2017 /hetty's/

Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

New school, SMA 2 Surabaya

Good day, fellas:)
have i ever mentioned i got 36,00 in national exam? well then i just told you
yes i made it into Shs 2 (its popular nickname is SMADA) , my first choice! so happy! And now i'm joining Smada Youth Singer (SYS) choir and Sakura (japanese club) as extracurricular| and in the same time, they released new system called Kurikulum 2013 which we should study harder for this thing. Student and teacher must adjust themselves with this certainty. Well i hope i can manage to get high score since 10th grade until 12th grade.  Ayee my new class --- we called our class xepatu (from original word sepatu ; or means shoes in english) its abbreviation is X Sepuluh Ipa Satu *confetti* Time to go, fellas CIAO!

Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013

Watch your mouth

w a t c h y o u r m o u t h

i mean dude, seriously don't you have a mirror? you just can look at yourself first, right? don't you have a heart?
when they're insulting me, yes my blood boiling inside.
i mad with people who can't understand other's feelings. who can't just see her/himself first before jusge other.
in daily life, i never frankly said they're annoying. no. why? simple, i respect their feelings.
Mouth is like a sword. but a invisible one.

 Think before you speak up because you will never can't take it back

You don't realize you just stabbed someone heart, you don't feel it, but they feel it. They bleed from the stab and yet you didn't realize it at all, right? Even they shouted 'hey you just jabbed me' ,you'll just stared blankly and ask 'jab what?' because it's completely invisible to your eyes.
So guys, better watch your words. Me here is a sensitive person but when someone insult me, *although it's just a joke, although i was kinda furious inside* but i tried to forgive and forget it. *which you should realize that forgiving isn't a easy task*

''that's funny when you insult people and the fact is you're worser.''

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Tired of waiting, government

we waited for several hours and survived from drowsiness and guess what happen?

they trolled us.

lastnight@[00:00] kept refresh my browser and but the 'result for junior high school' never appear and that made me insane and the only one reason was cause my eyes were begging me to close the laptop and dive into deep peaceful slumber but i just couldn't. my brain kept telling me 'danem, danem, danem (*score)' to prevent me sleep.

lastnight@[00:15] refreshed the web brutally. dizzy head, exhausted eyes, rebel brain. checked twitter and facebook to find the same-fate-like-me frustatedly poured their feelings. chatted with pals, complained about government's plan to make us have dark circle in the morning.

lastnight@[00:25] grumbled on facebook for the last time. closed laptop. finally was being able to snuggle under cover.

W(OAOw) Government, why you did that? we intentionaly stayed up until late for your update for god's sake -> so we can know our result -> so we can go to sleep asap
and you trolled these pitiful students who desperately want to know theirs. aaaa aa aaaa.

anyway, some students already knew by asked principal but unfortunately i don't have his numbers...

today@[11.00] checked again and found no update.


Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

2 Hours Left

2 h o u r s l e s s l e f t b e f o r e t h e y a n n o u n c e t h e r e s u l t ;

i didnt cheat so i hope i get the proper payback  //

//watch out i'm drama-ing over here-_-  v but i just described student's desperate feels hehe
my stomach just get churned, my heart do backflip and flutter all the time. fear, worry, doubtfulness wash all over me. i just can't stop think about this. i even can't sleep. i afraid if i close my eyes and in the morning i see their disappointed face. they said they will still love me whatever the upcoming is, we prayed together and they asked for my best score, they hugged me tightly, stroked my hair, patted my back. they genuinely showed their love to me and those just make me feel even worry. what if i can't lift their smile up? what if i fail and incur the tuition? i will be a bad lass. i will be a burden. i will be their sorrow. i didn't ask for new phone. i also didn't want any gadget or else. just give me this gift, i want to reach the good score, i want to pass the potential academic test, i want my name listed as a student in one favorite high school, and i desperately want to make my parents smile proudly at me. in the end, all i can do is pray. the only thing calm me is hope. and the only One who can solve and help me is just God.

but whatever it is, i know God lead to the perfect way. i believe