Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013

Watch your mouth

w a t c h y o u r m o u t h

i mean dude, seriously don't you have a mirror? you just can look at yourself first, right? don't you have a heart?
when they're insulting me, yes my blood boiling inside.
i mad with people who can't understand other's feelings. who can't just see her/himself first before jusge other.
in daily life, i never frankly said they're annoying. no. why? simple, i respect their feelings.
Mouth is like a sword. but a invisible one.

 Think before you speak up because you will never can't take it back

You don't realize you just stabbed someone heart, you don't feel it, but they feel it. They bleed from the stab and yet you didn't realize it at all, right? Even they shouted 'hey you just jabbed me' ,you'll just stared blankly and ask 'jab what?' because it's completely invisible to your eyes.
So guys, better watch your words. Me here is a sensitive person but when someone insult me, *although it's just a joke, although i was kinda furious inside* but i tried to forgive and forget it. *which you should realize that forgiving isn't a easy task*

''that's funny when you insult people and the fact is you're worser.''

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