Minggu, 29 Oktober 2017

My Eternal Angel

I miss you, . . . How are you today? Have you eaten? Aah.. you probably won't have to do those things again Dear angel, I wonder what are you doing now? Are you singing? Are you playing keyboard again just like in the past when my brother and i were too lazy to wake up on sunday morning? Are you playing violin? They have violins in there? Dear angel, Do you remember teaching me how to play violin? Man, i was freakin happy i could stroke those beautiful-sounded strings. I adore that instrument since i was young. I cried to you that i wanted to play violin so you did your best to learned it by yourself so you can teach me in your leisure time. Sorry, i just realized that the leisure time you used to teach me were your nap time. Dear angel, Do you remember that one song we practiced together? I already memorized it. Back then, you played the keyboard while i played the violin. I got so happy i could master one song with great arrangement. We promised to play it together on sunday morning at church. You promised me. We will played it in front of the church hall But I ended up sing it myself Not with you, But beside your stiff body. It's okay, i just got sad but i'm sure you must have a good reason behind it all. Ps. Dear you, You said you was happy when i write a blog in english version. You said you was proud. That brought a breeze to me. Sorry for my bad writings or grammar. I'm sorry too it took me 2 years to write this. But i thought about writing this everyday since you left me. Not sure what i'm afraid of. But i wanted to make you happy and proud again. Just like years ago when you found out about me writing a blog. Ps. Ps. I love you, my eternal angel;) Ps. Ps. Ps I also thought this nickname perfectly suits you a long long long time ago:) you used to be my angel, now, and forever<3 00.46 Oct 29th 2017 /hetty's/

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