Sabtu, 23 Desember 2017


As i pulled the pure baby breaths, i looked over for the orange beauties. Eyes scanned through the heavy flow of people coming in the store. 'There they are.' i whispered . . . I plucked over one stalk of salmon-colored rose from the basket, but put it back where it belonged to search for a better efflorescence. When i found a beautiful rose with fresh petals, i brought it closer. It just came to my mind to take that color due to my mother's liking. 'How about this, van?' i asked my dear lil bro about my choice. Evan was standing behind me quietly that entire rose election of me. He wasn't giving me any talks but i needed his opinion. He just nodded as an approvement. I grinned and started to plucked furiously the poor salmon-rose but slowed down because rose is hella expensive. . . . We brought the wreaths to our old house. We were about to meet our love who spent time with our childhood age. She loved to pamper us with whatever she have. Although she doesn't have much, she would be more than willing to work harder and prepare to cherish us. We are so delightful to have her until now. This is why we wanted to celebrate this day well with her. . . . We kissed our grandma's cheeks as we waved our goodbyes. 'Bye yangti!' we shouted from a far 'We will visit you soon after christmas!' Smile creeped out of our cheeks that our will accomplished. Our mom passed away two years ago due to rare illness which have no medicine yet. Our hearts were broken for sure. But we agreed that we should please someone who need us, not mourn all day . . . She is brokenhearted too, like us. She missed us. And surely, she missed her too, like us. . . . Although we may had silent cry or a trickle of tear this day, we were satisfied we could fill our mother of mother's happiness. . . . Mothers' day is the day Day we smiled with our mother Though, even some had tear it better off to be grateful for what's left So Smile ! Albeit we must smile with our tears rolled on our cheeks . . . Happy mothers' day ! Happy mother of mother's day ! Make sure you pamper you angel of your life enough, before it's too late . . . . . . . . . -a.d.a./00.00/23.12.17 [for mommy hetty] p.s. *as much i hate to post it in eng, my mum once said tht she is so proudddd and happyyyy of my english writings. so here i am. tell me if i got mistakes. *the time i wrote this was similar to her death time whoa mom stop scaring me, ily ok? *p.s.p.s. anggita & evan loveee mommy hetty so much we cant measure it lol❤❤❤ happy mum's day, momma!!!!

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