Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Tired of waiting, government

we waited for several hours and survived from drowsiness and guess what happen?

they trolled us.

lastnight@[00:00] kept refresh my browser and but the 'result for junior high school' never appear and that made me insane and the only one reason was cause my eyes were begging me to close the laptop and dive into deep peaceful slumber but i just couldn't. my brain kept telling me 'danem, danem, danem (*score)' to prevent me sleep.

lastnight@[00:15] refreshed the web brutally. dizzy head, exhausted eyes, rebel brain. checked twitter and facebook to find the same-fate-like-me frustatedly poured their feelings. chatted with pals, complained about government's plan to make us have dark circle in the morning.

lastnight@[00:25] grumbled on facebook for the last time. closed laptop. finally was being able to snuggle under cover.

W(OAOw) Government, why you did that? we intentionaly stayed up until late for your update for god's sake -> so we can know our result -> so we can go to sleep asap
and you trolled these pitiful students who desperately want to know theirs. aaaa aa aaaa.

anyway, some students already knew by asked principal but unfortunately i don't have his numbers...

today@[11.00] checked again and found no update.


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