Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

New school, SMA 2 Surabaya

Good day, fellas:)
have i ever mentioned i got 36,00 in national exam? well then i just told you
yes i made it into Shs 2 (its popular nickname is SMADA) , my first choice! so happy! And now i'm joining Smada Youth Singer (SYS) choir and Sakura (japanese club) as extracurricular| and in the same time, they released new system called Kurikulum 2013 which we should study harder for this thing. Student and teacher must adjust themselves with this certainty. Well i hope i can manage to get high score since 10th grade until 12th grade.  Ayee my new class --- we called our class xepatu (from original word sepatu ; or means shoes in english) its abbreviation is X Sepuluh Ipa Satu *confetti* Time to go, fellas CIAO!

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