Kamis, 09 Mei 2013


hey guys.well, long time no see. how's yours? i hope fine.

So i finished my national exam and now i'm drivin crazy because there's additional exam again. *collapsed*
And because of that, i can't enjoy my holiday because my parents keep blabbering about that additional exam. *sigh sigh sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* but that's because they pay attention to me.
Recently, they talked about my future, my choice, my destination. 
Didn't forget they pried up a thousand times about my friend who seems practically convinced about her destination.
That's the super mind-blowing question that keep on my brain.
What's your aspire?
and it can magically make me in dead silence.
i.. never think one..
lol jk. i have one.
but i'm too afraid to tell them.
it's just.. it's just not match with their job.
and i swore i once told one of them and refused it, just made me heartbroken
i'm too fear to feel it twice so i just shut up when they asked it.
One thing, parents. Free your childrens, dont tie them too tight or they will end like me-stay still and afraid. 
Bye for now;CIAO

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