Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

Rest in peace Mr. Dedy Jarwo Ilhamy

Tuesday, 14 Juni 2011 @Junior High School 6 Surabaya

Tears stained our faces but we couldn't care less. We lost our calm and composed Spensix's teacher. Mr. Dedy Jarwo Ilhamy. He passed away this morning, some friends cried because yesterday they met with him for the last-very last time and we can't meet him again. He was only with us in months. I wasn't that close to Mr Dedy, but i mourning at the lost. I remembered i often sleepy when he taught, it was rude to think about it now, but i always sleepy in afternoon time. I hope he's doing fine there now.
Wise now and forever. Kind alive and until dead. Please be safe and sound, Mr. Dedy!
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"Selamat Jalan Pak Dedy, Semoga tenang di Sana"
"Rest in peace, our beloved teacher Mr. Dedy"

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